Meet the band

Meet the members of the band below and click on their names to read their music backgrounds:

Chris Daly (drums, band manager)
Robert (Bob) Godkin (soprano/tenor/alto sax, vocals, music director)
Jacques Waisvisz (slide-trombone, vocals, sound manager, MC)
Ted Houghton on banjo, bass, tuba and piano
Larry Wilson (bass, harmonica, metronome)
John Palmer (clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals)

Chris Daly (drums, band manager) Top of page

Chris Is a founding member (1976) and manager of the Swampwater Jazz Band. He played with the Grey Jazz Big Band for a couple of years before becoming a member of the Grey Jazz Combo Dance Band.  Chris also played with the award winning H.M.C.S. Carleton Navy Trumpet Band and the Governor General Footguard Bugle Band.  Chris fills in with several other small groups as needed.

Robert (Bob) Godkin (soprano/tenor/alto sax, vocals, music director) Top of page

Bob has played with bands as diverse as the Governor General's Footguards, Con and the Cruisers - a rock band from the 60's, Fowler Street Ensemble - a pop group in the 70's, Old Grass Survival - a bluegrass band from the 80's and the Glebop Jazz Quintet in the 90’s. He originally joined the Swampwater Jazz Band in 1994 on clarinet. After leaving Swampwater in 1998, he returned to the group in 2001 as lead on soprano sax à la Sidney Bechet and as the bands musical director.  He has also played for many years on saxes and clarinet, with the Souper Jazz Band, a register charitable group raising funds for charities.

Jacques Waisvisz (slide-trombone, vocals, sound manager, MC) Top of page

During Jacques’ earlier years in Ottawa, he played with the Capital City Jazz Band that was led by renowned Ottawa Dixieland musician, Gordon Bennett. While working for the Federal Government in Tokyo and Germany, Jacques had an opportunity to play with bands in those countries. He joined the Swampwater Jazz Band in 1988.

Ted Houghton (piano, base, banjo and tuba) Top of page

Ted took up banjo about 45 years ago while living in Toronto.
He played with several amateur groups and eventually was
able to fill in with several working bands.

Ted moved to Ottawa in 1996 and quickly became involved with 'Souper Jazz', a volunteer fundraising band, and with the Derek Robertson Jazz Band. Ted currently plays banjo, electric bass, and tuba for various groups with various music styles in the Ottawa area, and has also done some playing on piano.

Larry Wilson (bass, harmonica, metronome) Top of page

Larry's musical background includes over 35 years with such Ottawa bands as Cy Smith's "4 x 3 + 1," the Grey Jazz Band, Swing Bridge  and Swing Junction, playing both rhythm guitar and bass. In addition, he will play harmonica with any group that will let him. He joined the Swampwater Jazz Band in 1998.

John Palmer (clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals) Top of page

John has played clarinet since his youth, internalizing the music of the classic jazz and swing masters through avid listening, but not actively pursuing public performance until 1996. Since 1998, John has realized a long-held dream playing with the Swampwater Jazz Band, and has had occasional great moments with Arthur Grainge, Derek Robertson, Souper Jazz, and the Glebop Trio. Since 2002, he has added the mellow darkness of the bass clarinet to his music.

Honorary Members:
David Simmonds – Piano and/or banjo

Andrew Clark – Banjo, guitar, bass and trombone – Retired from the band in 2014



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