For more than 30 years, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's Swampwater Jazz Band has been playing traditional New Orleans Dixieland jazz with a freshness and enthusiasm that keeps toes tapping and the band in constant demand. Not only does the Swampwater Jazz Band play traditional Dixieland but it is often asked to play many popular dance standards, waltzes, swing, polkas, marches, blues and even some older rock music making it very popular for private parties, parades and country club dates.  Vocally the band is like a rock with 3 of its 6 members of the Swampwater Jazz Band singing up a storm.  It is truly an exciting group.

The band features a 'double reed' front line with leader soprano saxophonist Robert (Bob) Godkin, backed by the clarinet and bass clarinet of John Palmer, to produce a truly distinctive sound. Jacques Waisvisz rounds out the front line on trombone. The rhythm section consists of Chris Daly on drums, Larry Wilson on bass and harmonica and Ted Houghton on banjo, bass, tuba and piano. 

The Swampwater Jazz Band has only one objective: to make people happy through music.  It's motto: “Swampwater, better for you than asprin, red wine and broccoli”.  The band performs at many charitable functions, but will happily play weddings, dances, corporate functions, barbecues - - wherever happy music is required.

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